Dinosaur Facts – Top Dinosaur Myths

Thanks to movies like Land Before Time and Jurassic Park (and its most recent installment, Jurassic World), Dinosaurs have been front and center in the public eye and are being exposed to a wider audience than ever before. Hollywood’s portrayal of dinosaurs has consequently lead to a host of misconceptions.  There is much debate (even among paleontologists) regarding even basic Dinosaur facts partially due to the fact that what remains are fossils that are millions of years old.

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A Closer Look at Europa; Jupiter’s Smallest Galilean Satellite

You may be wondering what’s so special about Jupiter’s moon Europa.  NASA is very interested in this moon as a potentially habitable part of our solar system.  NASA’s second look of the returned data from the Saturn/Cassini mission shows massive water vapor plumes that may indicate a massive ocean under the icy surface of Europa.  A soft landing of a tiny submarine (a tool already in development) could help NASA search the oceans of Europa and search for life in what many scientists are calling the best chance for harboring life beyond Earth.

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Free High Resolution Desktop Wallpapers Designed by Geo Evolution

Free High Resolution Desktop Wallpapers

Download these free high resolution desktop wallpapers designed by the Geo Evolution staff exclusively for you! Each of these wallpapers are high quality and created with a natural history feel in mind.  This set includes the Agate Arrowhead/American Indian Wallpaper, the whimsical Faceted Gemstone Wallpaper, and the stylized Faceted Wildebeest Wallpaper.  To use a wallpaper simply click on the image and save, then right click and select ‘set as desktop background.’

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Gems & Minerals

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Natural Brazilian Agate SliceGeo Evolution sells a wide variety of gems and minerals including rough, tumbled and carved stones.  Our gems and minerals can be used for a number of purposes including metaphysical, scientific study, jewelry making, artwork or display.

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