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Preserved Alligator Head



These preserved alligator heads are a great teaching tool, decor piece or even as a gift for boys and girls who love nature. Alligators have been around for approximately 37 million years, first appearing during the Oligocene epoch. There are two living species of Alligator, the American alligator (A. mississippiensis) and its smaller counterpart, the Chinese Alligator (A. sinensis). The term “alligator” is derived from the Spanish term for lizard.

Alligators are known to be found in large numbers when smaller, with large male alligators being solitary and very territorial animals. Though they have a heavy body, Alligators are capable of short burts of speed in very short lunges. Alligators are known for dragging large prey into water to drown, but usually prey on smaller prey they can kill and eat in a single bite.

The Alligators jaws are evolved bite and grip prey. The muscles that are responsible for closing the jaw are extremely powerful, especially when compared to the muscles responsible for opening the jaw. Because of this, a human adult is able to hold an alligators jaws shut bare handed. They tend to be quite timid towards humans however and will swim or walk away if they sense one approaching. These preserved alligator head specimens have been professionally preserved and also have their teeth intact (some may be missing a few teeth).

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