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Hoplophoneous Replica SkullIf you are looking for real or replica skulls, fossils or bones, we have an amazing selection for you to choose from.  From replica Tyrannosaurus Rex skulls to genuine gorgeous Ammonite fossils, we have something for everyone. Some of our favorites include the Saber Tooth Tiger Replica Skull and the Polished Goniatite Ammonite Fossils.

For some people, fossils are a way to connect to the natural world.  There is something so awesome about holding a genuine piece of natural history in your hand.  Trilobites are one of the most collected types of fossils and can usually be found at reasonable prices.  Trilobites (and Ammonites) make a great gift for a child who is interested in science and the natural world.

We are also very proud to offer some of the highest quality contemporary and prehistoric skull and fossil replicas.  Our Saber Tooth Tiger Replica Skulls and our Tyrannosaurus Rex Replica Skulls are near museum quality and hand crafted by skilled artists.  They make a stunning show piece for an office or even a bedroom.  They are crafted with the utmost attention to detail and are sure to draw attention.

We offer a nice mix of affordable and more expensive fossils and bones that are a must in any collection.  Whether you are just starting a fossil collection or are a seasoned pro, we have something for everyone.  We are constantly adding to our offering of fossils and bones so check back often!  If you are looking for a fossil or bone that we do not currently offer please message us and we may be able to help you locate it.


Shop all Fossils & Bones HERE.