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Fluorite Octahedron Crystal Pendant Specimens | 10 pcs.

• Fluorite forms naturally in octahedron-shaped molecules. These beautiful Fluorite Octahedron are cut by miners, who split the Fluorite along its natural cleave lines. • Please keep in mind that these stones are natural, and thus will have variations in color and pattern. • You will receive 10 stones per package similar to the reference specimens • Approximately .5-.75″ in size


Rainbow Angel Aura Quartz w/ Fluorite Crystal Cluster 4-6″

Angel Aura Quartz is made by bonding and fusing platinum with quartz. The result is a wonderful illuminating rainbow coloration. It has an iridescent quality that purifies and balances all chakras. It is known as a crystal of joy, bringing light and optimism into your life. Angel Aura Quartz is also a great meditation stone, allowing awareness and grounding power. Please keep in mind that these stones will have variations in color, shape and pattern. We cannot guarantee any specifications [...]


Green Chinese Fluorite Heart Shaped Carved Stone

• You will receive one chinese fluorite polished heart similar to the reference specimens • These hearts are predominantly green with hints of purple, yellow, blue or purple and have a transparent or translucent appearance • Approximately 1.5″ x 1.5″ and roughly .25-.5″ thickness • These are hand carved from pieces of chinese fluorite so variations in shape, color and pattern should be expected • Chinese fluorite is made up of calcium fluoride and is sometimes called fluorspar. The name is derived from [...]

Chinese Fluorite Sphere 1.5" | 1 piece

Chinese Fluorite Sphere 1.5″

These are highly polished semi-precious stones made into a perfect sphere. They are 1.5″ in size, and have a nice shine to them. • 1 stone per package • Appx. 1.5″

Fluorite Tricolor Mineral Pyramid 1"

Fluorite Tricolor Mineral Pyramid 1″

Fluorite Tricolor Mineral Pyramids are beautifully polished and carved into a pyramid shape. Each piece is unique, with a different predominant color that cannot be specified. Please keep in mind that variations are to be expected for this specimen. • 1 stone per package • Appx. 1″