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Polished Rough Tumbled Garnet 1″ Mineral Specimen

• Garnets are a group of silicate minerals that have been used since the Bronze Age as gemstones and abrasives • Garnet is dervied from the Middle English word, ‘gernet,’ which means dark red. That term came from the Latin word ‘granatum,’ which means seed. Subsequently, the gemstone’s connection to seeds comes from the red seeds inside a pomegranate • These are partially tumbled stones so variations in shape, size and color should be expected as well as minor imperfections or [...]

Garnet Faceted Polished Mineral Specimen 1"

Garnet Faceted Polished Mineral Specimen 1″

Garnets offer enough variety in appearance to suit every taste, found in every color except blue. It reportedly gives its wearer guidance in the night, protection from nightmares, and according to the Egyptians, is an antidote for snake bites and food poisoning. • 1 stone per package • Appx. 1″


Mini Blue Kyanite Blade | Natural Raw Kyanite Fan 2-2.5″ Rough Mineral Specimen | 1 piece

• Kyanite, also known as cyanite or disthene, occurs as elongated blades principally in gneisses and schists, and is often accompanied by garnet, quartz, and mica • Kyanite is a major raw material for the mullite used in spark plugs and other refractory porcelains. These natural blades are sometimes used in wire-wrapped jewelry or used in home projects • Please keep in mind that because these are natural specimens, variations in shape, color and size should be expected • You will receive [...]