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Mini Blue Kyanite Blade | Natural Raw Kyanite Fan 2-2.5″ Rough Mineral Specimen | 1 piece

• Kyanite, also known as cyanite or disthene, occurs as elongated blades principally in gneisses and schists, and is often accompanied by garnet, quartz, and mica • Kyanite is a major raw material for the mullite used in spark plugs and other refractory porcelains. These natural blades are sometimes used in wire-wrapped jewelry or used in home projects • Please keep in mind that because these are natural specimens, variations in shape, color and size should be expected • You will receive [...]


Giant Black Kyanite Plate | 8″ Crystal Mineral Specimen

• Black kyanite is a silicate mineral commonly found in aluminum-rich metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. The most common color of kyanite is blue. However, it also comes in black, orange, green, and indigo • Kyanite is a stone that cannot be left submersed in water as it will dissolve as it is a fragile stone and should be handled with care • Characterized by its bladed crystals, good cleavage, and the fact that it is softer than a knife in the [...]


Blue Green Titanium Kyanite Brazilian Fan Mineral Blade

• These black kyanite fan blades have a Titanium coating which gives them a permanent iridescent metallic sheen • Titanium molecules are bonded to the crystal by the natural electrostatic charge of the crystal in a process known as magnetron ionization. • Kyanite varies from charcoal gray to a pitch black and the titanium coating can include shades of yellow, blue, peacock green and purple • Can range in size from approximately 3-4″ long measured at the longest points. Variations in shape, [...]