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Jurassic World Dinosaur Facts Top Dinosaur Myths

Dinosaur Facts – Top Dinosaur Myths

Thanks to movies like Land Before Time and Jurassic Park (and its most recent installment, Jurassic World), Dinosaurs have been front and center in the public eye and are being exposed to a wider audience than ever before. Hollywood’s portrayal of dinosaurs has consequently lead (more…)


50 Amazing Facts About The Moon

Now while we could probably survive without the moon, it’s amazing how heavily Earth relies on this seemingly inert piece of rock.  From control of the tides to its’ stabilizing effect on the Earth and how it rotates, the Moon is actually one of the most amazing objects in our Solar System. (more…)


Carved Stone Hearts; A Perfect Gift

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a birthday or even Christmas, carved stone hearts make a wonderful and thoughtful gift.  Some people enjoy carrying their carved heart with them as they feel it empowers them or makes them feel safe.  Some people like collecting all different minerals (more…)