African Springbok Skull Plate with Horns

African Springbok Skull Plate with Horns


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• These springbok skull plates have horns that vary in size from animal to animal and will range from 8″ to 12″ measured around the curve of the horn
• These specimens are great for rustic earthy decor. Please keep in mind that these are not replicas and will therefore have natural imperfections such as battle scars and blemishes. No two skull plates will be identical, and not all plates stand perfectly on their own
• Springboks are a medium-sized brown and white antelope-gazelle of southwestern Africa. They are known to be extremely fast and can reach speeds of up to 60 mph and can leap a whopping 13 feet in the air
• The horns sit on the skull plate and are shipped separately to ensure they arrive safely.
• You will receive one skull plate and two horns per package

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