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Blue Celestine / Celestite Mineral Specimen


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Blue Celestine is one of the most popular minerals out there.  Celestite or celestine is a mineral consisting of strontium sulfate. The mineral is named for its occasional delicate blue color. Celestite gets its name from the Greek word for celestial, inspired from the pale blue coloring of the first samples discovered.  Celestine is the principal source of the element strontium, commonly used in fireworks and in various metal alloys.  Celestite crystals are found in some geodes. In fact, the world’s largest known geode is a celestine geode that measures 35 feet across at its widest point located near a village by Lake Erie in Ohio.  The geode has been converted into a viewing cave known as Crystal Cave, with the crystals that composed the floor of the geode removed.  Its celestite crystals are as wide as 18 inches across and are estimated to weigh up to 300 pounds each!

Blue Celestine is said to be an angelic stone. It is a great tool for meditation, believed to block out distracting noise. It is also said to purify the aura of the holder. Celestine can also reduce and eliminate anxiety and reduce negativity. By reducing negativity and anxiety, it allow one to organize pertinent thoughts and information and discard anything irrelevant to prosperity. Celestite is also believed to be a great healing crystal.

You  will receive a blue celestine mineral similar to the reference specimens.  Because these are real minerals, please keep in mind that variations in shape and color are to be expected.

• You will receive a specimen similar to those shown


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