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Brazilian Pink Agate Slice


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Brazilian Pink Agate Slice fashioned from the highest quality stone. The stone was given its name by the Greek philospher Theophrastus, who discovered the stone along the shore line of the river Achates. Agate is usually formed as nodules in volcanic rocks or ancient lavas. They traditionally have brown tones but are often dyed to reveal unseen intricacies inside the rock. They occur naturally in brownish tones inter layered with white and gray. Quartz forms within these nodules, creating a striking specimen when cut opposite the layered growth axis.

Agate is a highly sought after mineral because of the beauty in each unique piece. It is a microcrystalline variety of quartz and is often used for ornaments such as pins, brooches or other types of jewelry. A great use for these agate slices are as furniture accents.  They are often used to decorate drawer pulls or cabinet handles.  The larger agate slices make great coasters and are a fun talking point.  Each specimen is different, so you will own something uniquely yours!

Pink agate slices are beautiful with the edges left unfinished for a natural look. You will receive a Pink  Agate Slice similar to the reference specimens, but each slice is unique in color, pattern, and shape.

• 1 dyed Agate slice (you will get one similar to that shown)
• Slices are approximately 1/8″-1/4″ thick


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2-3", 3-4", 4-5"