Cameo Bullmouth Helmet Shell 5-6″ Cypraecassis rufa Seashell

Cameo Bullmouth Helmet Shell 5-6″ Cypraecassis rufa Seashell


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• You will receive one cameo bullmouth helmet shell similar to the reference specimens
• These are real specimens so variations in color, pattern and size should be expected. May have minor imperfections such as small holes or battle scars
• Bullmouth helmet shells are recognized by the brown and cream striped markings around the outer lip of the shell
• This species is found off the southern African coast from northern KwaZulu-Natal and Mozambique, as well as off the shores of Kenya.
• This snail hunts by creeping up slowly on its prey while raising its shell high then dropping the heavy shell strategically to engulf the urchin
• Although urchin spines have poison glands that can quickly release toxins to predators penetrated by the spines, the helmet snail first releases a paralytic enzyme from its salivary gland that protects it from these toxins
• Can range in size from approximately 5-6″ long measured at the longest points, roughly 3-4″ wide and 2-3″ tall

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