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Chocolate Coffee Moonstone Tumbled Stones | 5 pcs.


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Chocolate Coffee Moonstone Tumbled Stones range from a pretty caramel mocha color to a soft brown gray. They can also have an opalescent effect, which makes these stones incredibly beautiful. Chocolate Coffee Moonstone is the grounding stone in the moonstone family, believed to stabilize thoughts and feelings. By doing so, it allows clarity and stimulates new cycles of growth and healing. It is also thought to be a stone of protection, bringing safety and prosperity to the holder.

Moonstone is characterized by its milky sheen that makes it reminiscent of moonlight. It has a soft glowing effect and is partially translucent. It’s association with the Moon makes this a stone of intuition and insight, helping balance emotion and soothe and relieve stress. Moonstone is also believed to stimulate the mind, bringing out the best in people.

Moonstone works with the Third-Eye and Crown Chakras, connecting the holder to divine inspiration. Its energy is used as emotional support, encouraging introspection and increasing patience and understanding.

• 5 tumbled pieces per package
• Approximately .75″ – 1″ in size


Weight 1 oz