Genuine Sand Shark Jaw 4-6″

Genuine Sand Shark Jaw 4-6″


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• Sand Sharks are often seen swimming along the ocean floor in the surf zone and close to the shore. It is also known as the sand tiger shark, grey nurse shark, or ragged tooth shark
• Sand sharks, also known as sand tiger sharks, are often seen swimming around the ocean floor in the surf zone. The Sand Shark is known for its unique hunting strategy. They collect air in their stomach which makes them buoyant and approach their prey virtually motionless which allows them to attack without being detected
• These preserved jaws are great for as a teaching tool or for display as decoration. They are partially bleached white and still have very sharp teeth attached.  You will receive a real sand shark jaw similar to the reference specimen
• Please keep in mind that these are natural specimens so variations in shape and color are to be expected as well as minor imperfections
• Can range in size from approximately 4-6″ in length measured from the widest points

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