Green Peacock Body Plumage Feathers 1-2.5″ | 5 pcs.

Green Peacock Body Plumage Feathers 1-2.5″ | 5 pcs.


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Green Peacock Plumage Feathers for Sale

Beautiful and professionally picked and cleaned peacock plumage feathers for sale for your craft and decoration needs.   The vibrant iridescent plumage colors of peacocks are not primarily pigments, but rather structural coloration.  The feathers are actually pigmented brown, but their structure can make them appear blue, turquoise, and green, and iridescent.  The colors are based on the spacing of regular, periodic nanostructures of barbules which produce the colors.  Slight changes in these fiber-like components result in different colors.  Brown feathers, for example, are a mixture of red and blue.  One of the colors is created by the periodic structure and the other by an interference peak from reflections from outer and inner boundaries.  Such structural coloration causes the iridescence of the peacock’s hues since interference effects depend on light angle rather than actual pigments.

These green peacock plumage feathers for sale are all natural with beautiful iridescent green and gold colors that add a dramatic touch to any project.  Peacock plumage feathers are great to use in costumes to add bulk which still having dramatic style.  They are also used for fashion accessories.  Decorate a head band or hair clip for a natural look.  They can be used in scrap booking to bring a natural element to your pages.  Those that are especially gifted can also incorporate these into their home decor.   They can make beautiful additions to centerpieces or along with flowers in a vase.

• 5 body plumage feathers per package
• 1-2.5″ long

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