Imperial Land Mine Sputnik Sea Urchin 3-4″

Imperial Land Mine Sputnik Sea Urchin 3-4″


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• The Imperial Sputnik Sea Urchin, Phyllacanthus imperialis, is found throughout the Indo-Pacific region. There are almost 1,000 types of sea urchins around the world. The name “urchin” is an old name for the round spiny hedgehogs that urchins resemble
• This species emerges at night to eat invertebrates and sponges. During the day, it tends to remain hidden in holes in the coral reef
• These are real specimens so variations in color, shape, and size should be expected
• You will receive one land mine sea urchin similar to the reference specimen
• Approximately 3-4″ measured at the longest points, and roughly 1.5-2″ tall

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