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Iridescent Titanium Cosmic Geode | Purple Fire Aura 2-3″


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These Iridescent Titanium Cosmic Geode Specimens make great gifts.  Semi-Precious Geode druzy stones are treated with Titanium and other metals. Cobalt, Gold, Silver, or Platinum help produce a brilliant range of iridescent colors. These colors can be anywhere from blue, deep blue, purple, to black, silver or even gold. This Iridescent Titanium Cosmic Geode is a gorgeous mix of reds, purples, and yellows which makes it resemble a flame. It catches the light and makes a great display specimen.

Titanium Aura Geodes are believe to each hold a special energy gifted by Mother Earth that is released slowly to the user. Titanium Aura Geodes are believe to each hold a special energy gifted by Mother Earth. It is released slowly to the user. The iridescent quality of these titanium rainbow geode specimens shine bright in light.  Burnt Purple Aura is the most sensitive and wisest of the titanium aura geodes. It is thought to reveal psychic power and helps the holder be intuitive, idealistic, artistic and magical.  It is also a great meditation tool. It allows you to absorb new information while allowing to you go into deep meditative awareness.

Please keep in mind that all of these specimens are unique. Slight variations is size, shape, and coloring are to be expected. No two specimens will be the same. Each will have it’s own unique appeal. The pictures are just a representation of what you may receive.

• Approximately 2-3″ in size
• You will receive one Iridescent Titanium Cosmic Geode similar to the reference specimens


Weight 7 oz