Mini Selenite Peak Tower 3-4″ | 1 piece

Mini Selenite Peak Tower 3-4″ | 1 piece


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• Selenite are transparent, cleavable masses of Gypsum that occur in nature. Interestingly enough, neither Selenite nor Gypsum actually contain any significant amount of selenium, but rather are named after the ancient Greek word for the Moon.
• Selenite is known as a stone of mental clarity, which enhances mental flexibility and enables strong decision making abilities. Selenite, with its association to the moon, brings water energy as well, creating flexibility and intuition, as well as emotional well-being.
• These are real specimens so variations in shape and size as well as inclusions or other imperfections should be expected
• You will receive one specimen similar to the reference specimens
• Can range in size from approximately 3-4″ tall measured from the longest possible points

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