Noble Volute Mountain Range Cave Drawing Shell 5-6″

Noble Volute Mountain Range Cave Drawing Shell 5-6″


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• Noble Volute (Cymbiola nobilis) seashells are heavy shells with a characteristic pattern that can resemble mountain ranges or cave drawings
• Populations of Cymbiola nobilis are present in small and isolated areas separated by geographic barriers. Each separate range has its own shell form and color pattern
• Pigment producing cells infect nearby cells so that they also produce pigment; cells that are infected once become immune to producing pigment again causing the coloring of the snail’s shell forming the characteristic pattern
• Noble Volute have large, thick and heavy shells that are glossy, with plaits on the columella. The shell color may be beige, orange or yellow with a zig-zag red or brown pattern
• You will receive one polished banded noble volute shell similar to the reference specimens
• Can range in size from approximately 5-6″ long measured at the longest points, roughly 3-5″ wide and 2-3″ tall

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