Orange & Teal Russian Abalone 2-3″ Rainbow Seashell

Orange & Teal Russian Abalone 2-3″ Rainbow Seashell


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• Red abalone is the largest and most common abalone found in the northern part of the state of California. Red abalone has been used since prehistoric times—red abalone shells have been found in Channel Island archaeological sites dated to nearly 12,000 years old
• Red abalone live in rocky areas with kelp. They feed on the kelp species that grow in their home range, including giant kelp, feather boa kelp, and bull kelp
• These are real specimens so variations in color, pattern and size should be expected, as well as minor chips or distressed parts
• You will receive one polished red baby abalone shell similar to the reference specimens
• Approximately 2-3″ long measured at the longest points

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