Peacock Tail Eye Feathers 8-12″ | 1 piece

Peacock Tail Eye Feathers 8-12″ | 1 piece


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Peacock Tail Eye feathers are shed annually by the male peacock. They are then gathered similar to a crop in many countries. Peacock Tail Eye feathers are considered a symbol of good luck in much of Asia and throughout the world. Eastern Europe is one of the few places where this is not the case, after the feathers adorned warriors of the invading Mongolian hordes and thus are a reminder of the invasions. The size of the tail eye feathers depends on the age of the male, growing not only in size but also in number as the male peacock matures. The beautiful iridescent shimmer of the feathers is caused by interference. When the feather catches light, miniscule bowl-shaped indentations causes vibrant shimmering colors of blue, green, and brown.

Tail Eye feathers are used in a variety of different decorative ways. They are often incorporated in costumes, head dresses, fans, and even bold jewelry because of their vibrant coloring. They can also be used in home decor, either in art work or used in a centerpiece in combination with other feathers or reeds. These feathers are beautiful and have been hand picked and carefully cleaned/steamed. You will receive one feather similar to the reference specimens.

• 1 tail eye feather per package
• 8-12″ long x 1.5-3″ wide

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