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Picasso Jasper Stone Heart Carved Stone


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Picasso Jasper Stone Heart, sometimes referred to as Picasso Marble Rock Hearts or Picasso Jasper Carved Hearts, are one of the most popular heart shaped stone carvings. Jasper comes from the Old French term jaspre, meaning spotted or speckled stone. It is composed of micro quartz, chalcedony and other minerals. It is most often a mixture of brown, yellow, red, green and can be polished for use in vases, seals and other carvings.

Picasso Jasper has been a favorite gem since Antiquity. It’s patterns are likened to the works of Picasso, thus its name. A Picasso Stone Heart is believed to be a great stone for artists and creative souls. It is believed to improve intuitive abilities and allow one to reach the highest state of meditation.

These are highly polished semi-precious stones made into a puffed heart shape. Looks cool in a rock collection or even made into jewelry. Also make great gifts for teachers or mom’s who love rock collecting! Please keep in mind that these stones are natural, and thus will have variations in color and pattern. You will receive a picasso jasper stone heart similar to the reference specimens. We cannot guarantee any specifications as each stone is different.

• 1 stone per package
• Approximately 1.25″ x 1.25″


Weight 4 oz