Pink Burrowing Spiny Sea Urchin 2-3″ | 1 piece

Pink Burrowing Spiny Sea Urchin 2-3″ | 1 piece


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• Echinometra mathaei, the burrowing urchin, is a species of sea urchin in the family Echinometridae that is found in shallow waters in the Indo-Pacific region. Echinometra mathaei causes bioerosion of coral reefs because of its burrowing activities. It has been found that the number of urchins increases where heavy fishing takes place because their natural predators are less abundant and as a consequence, greater damage to the reef takes place
• The colour is quite variable but the test is usually a dark color. The spines are usually grey or tan with hints of green and purple and a characteristic pale ring at the base of each spine
• These are real specimens so variations in color, pattern and size should be expected. Minor Imperfections such as buildup or missing spines should also be expected for this item
• You will one burrowing pink sea urchins similar to the reference specimens. These are very fragile and may arrive with a few spines loose. They should be handled as little as possible to prevent further spines from falling off
• Roughly 2-3″ long measured at the longest points, and approximately 1-2″ tall

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