Preserved Butterfly Specimen | Mesentina Sister (Adelpha mesentina)

Preserved Butterfly Specimen | Mesentina Sister (Adelpha mesentina)


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This Preserved Butterfly Specimen is known as the Mesentina Sister (Adelpha mesentina). The Mesentina Sister is a species of butterfly of the Nymphalidae family. It is found in the eastern Andes from Venezuela to Bolivia and also on the Guyana shield and throughout central and western Amazonia. Adelpha butterflies are colloquially known as ‘Sisters’. There are 85 known species, all except two of which are confined to the neotropics. The butterflies are characterised by having a distinctive black marbled pattern overlaid on an earthy brown ground colour; and by the presence of a broad orange or white band on the forewings. The hindwings of many species have a white median band.

Adelpha mesentina is almost always encountered in two’s and three’s, usually in the company of other Adelpha species. Males often visit damp ground to imbibe mineral rich moisture. They normally settle for several minutes at a time, and hold their wings flat when feeding. In exceptionally hot weather they feed with wings held erect.

**Please keep in mind that these specimens are dried and unspread (as shown), meaning the wings are closed. These specimens are useful if you want to use their wings only (for artwork, fairy dolls, jewelry) or simply to study them for science.

In order to spread butterflies for mounting and display, simply search online on how to hydrate the butterflies to spread their wings. Mounted butterflies are often used in insect mosaics which make beautiful and unique pieces of art.

• You will receive a Preserved Butterfly Specimen similar to the reference picture
• Each specimen is approximately 1.5″ unspread (3″ spread)

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