Preserved Insect Specimen | 89 Butterfly (Diaethria neglecta)

Preserved Insect Specimen | 89 Butterfly (Diaethria neglecta)


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The genus Diaethria is confined to Central and South America – 3 species are found in Mexico while the remainder are widely distributed across the Amazon and Andes. The upper-sides of all Diaethria species are black, marked on the fore-wings with a diagonal band of metallic blue or green. In some species this color is repeated on the hind-wings in the form of a submarginal band.

The 89 or 88 numerals which appear on the underside hind-wings of euclides are present in all 12 of the Diaethria species but vary in color, thickness and shape. In neglecta the lines are thin, and the markings often form an ’89’ figure. Diaethria neglecta occurs from Panama to Bolivia.

They are usually seen in two’s or three’s, but sometimes congregate in large numbers at favored spots. They are commonly found in the vicinity of human habitations, e.g. on river banks close to jetties, at places where laundry is washed, at ash covered ground at the site of campfires, and at urine-tainted patches of bare ground.

**Please keep in mind that these specimens are dried and unspread (as shown), meaning the wings are closed. These specimens are useful if you want to use their wings only (for artwork, fairy dolls, jewelry) or simply to study them for science.

In order to spread butterflies for mounting and display, simply search online on how to hydrate the butterflies to spread their wings. Mounted butterflies are often used in insect mosaics which make beautiful and unique pieces of art.

• You will receive a Preserved Insect Specimen similar to the reference picture
• Each specimen is approximately 1.5″ unspread (3″ spread)

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