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Raccoon Skull 4-5″


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Real Raccoon Skulls can add a great rustic touch to decor as display specimens. The North American Raccoon, sometimes spelled racoon, is noted for its intelligence. Studies have shown that they are able to remember a solution to a task for up to three years. Raccoons are largely nocturnal, and are omnivores. Originally raccoons were primarily in woodland forests, but have since extended their range to mountainous areas, marshes and even urban areas.

Although the North American Raccoon was originally believed to be a solitary creature, it has actually been proven that it engages in gender-specific social behavior. Unrelated males form loose social groups to maintain their position against foreign males during mating season and to ward off potential invaders. Related females often live in a common area and occasionally meet at feeding and/or resting grounds.

Raccoons have a hyper sensitive sense of touch, with their front paws protected by a thin horny layer that becomes pliable when wet. They are thought to be color blind, but well-adapted to sense green light.

These skulls have been cleaned and partially whitened but may have patches of discoloration. You will receive a real raccoon skull similar to the reference images. Please keep in mind that because these are natural specimens, discoloration, slight battle scars, missing teeth, and other minor imperfections are to be expected.

• 1 skull similar to the reference specimens
• Approximately 4-5″ in size


Weight 15 oz