Real Cephalopod Fossil | Orthoceras Fossil Plate 7-9″

Real Cephalopod Fossil | Orthoceras Fossil Plate 7-9″


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• Orthoceras are a squid-like Marine Cephalopods that were alive approximately 350 million years ago. These fossils were found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco
• Originally Orthoceras referred to all nautiloids with a straight-shell, called an orthocone, however later research on internal structures show that these actually belong to a number of different groups, even different orders
• You will receive one authentic Orthoceras Fossil plate similar to the reference specimens
• Can range in size from roughly 7-9″ long measured from the longest points
• These are natural specimens; variations in placement, number of specimens suspended in matrix, and shape should be expected as well as minor imperfections

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