Real Coyote Skull 5-8″

Real Coyote Skull 5-8″


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These real coyote skulls make great display specimens. Real Coyote Skulls are a great addition to a taxidermy collection or used in cabin decor. The coyote is a smaller cousin of the gray wolf and is native to North America. Coyotes look like gray or reddish-gray, medium-sized dogs with pointed noses and bushy tails. They have a keen sense of smell and their hearing is very sharp. Coyotes make many different sounds to express themselves. Besides the long howl, they also have sounds which include barks, “bark-howls” and “yip-howls.” Coyotes walk with only their toes touching the ground.

The coyote is a prominent character in Native American folklore, usually depicted as a trickster who alternates between assuming the form of man and coyote. It is seen as a rough and dishonest but appealing hero. As the trickster, it rebels against social convention through deception and humor.

These real coyote skulls are cleaned but not whitened. The hinge area may or may not be glued shut to keep the skulls in one piece. Because these are natural specimens, minor imperfections such as discoloration or battle scars and missing teeth are to be expected.

• You will receive one coyote skull similar to the reference specimens
• Approximately 5-8″ in size

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