Real Mink Skull 2-4″

Real Mink Skull 2-4″


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A Real Mink Skull can add a great rustic touch to decor as display specimens. Mink are very territorial animals. A male mink will not tolerate another male within its territory, but appears to be less aggressive towards females. The territories, which tend to be long and narrow, stretch along river banks, or around the edges of lakes or marshes. Each territory has one or two core areas where the mink spends most of its time. The core area is usually associated with a good food supply, such as a pool rich in fish, or a good rabbit warren. Mink prey on small mammals, fish, birds and eggs. Adult mink have been known to even prey on young mink.

The mink may stay in its core area, which can be quite small, for several days at a time, but it also makes excursions to the ends of its territory. These excursions are likely to check for any signs of a strange mink and to leaves its personal scent to reinforce its territorial rights.Their biggest natural predators are Great Horned Owls, bobcats, and foxes.

This Real Mink Skull has been cleaned and has had its jaw hinge glued shut.You will receive a skull similar to the reference images. Please keep in mind that because these are natural specimens, discoloration, slight battle scars, missing teeth, and other minor imperfections are to be expected.

• 1 skull similar to the reference specimens
• Approximately 2-4″ in size

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