Real Mink Skull 2″

Real Mink Skull 2″


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• Mink are very territorial animals. A male mink will not tolerate another male within its territory, but appears to be less aggressive towards females. Mink prey on small mammals, fish, birds and eggs. Adult mink have been known to even prey on young mink.
• These Real Mink Skulls have been cleaned and have had their jaw hinge glued shut. A mink skull can add a great rustic touch to decor as display specimens on coffee tables or bookcases
• Please keep in mind that because these are natural specimens, discoloration, slight battle scars, missing or chipped teeth, and other minor imperfections are to be expected
• You will receive a skull similar to the reference images
• Can range in size from approximately 2-3″ long and roughly 1-1.5″ wide in size

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