Real Phacops Trilobite Fossil 4-6″

Real Phacops Trilobite Fossil 4-6″


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Real Phacops Trilobite Fossil. Trilobites are pre-historic bottom dwelling sea creatures related to the modern day horse-shoe crab. They had a hard exoskeleton and could roll into a ball if needed for protection. Phacops is a genus of trilobite in the order Phacopida, family Phacopidae. It lived in Europe, northwestern Africa, North America and China during the Devonian period. It was a rounded animal, with a globose head and large eyes, and probably fed on detritus. Phacops is often found rolled up, a biological defense mechanism that is widespread among smaller trilobites but nearly perfected in this genus.

These fossils are around 400 million years old! These are real specimens, so variances in shape and size are to be expected

• Approximately 4-5″ in length
• You will receive one real phacops trilobite fossil similar to the reference specimens

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