Real Phacops Trilobite Fossil 4-6″

Real Phacops Trilobite Fossil 4-6″


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• Real Phacops Trilobite Fossil. Trilobites are pre-historic bottom dwelling sea creatures related to the modern day horse-shoe crab. They had a hard exoskeleton and could roll into a ball if needed for protection.
• Phacops lived in Europe, northwestern Africa, North America and China during the Devonian period. It was a rounded animal, with a globose head and large eyes, and probably fed on detritus. Phacops is often found rolled up, a biological defense mechanism that is widespread among smaller trilobites but nearly perfected in this genus.
• These fossils are around 400 million years old! They are real specimens, so variances in shape and size should be expected
• Can range in size from approximately 4-6″ in length measured from the longest points
• You will receive one real phacops trilobite fossil similar to the reference specimens

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