Real Polished Blue Lapis Lazuli Eggs 1.5-3″

Real Polished Blue Lapis Lazuli Eggs 1.5-3″


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Real Polished Blue Lapis Lazuli Eggs

These real polished blue lapis lazuli eggs are a fantastic quality. Lapis is a relatively rare semi-precious stone, prized since antiquity for its intense blue color. Lapis Lazuli mining took place in the Badakhshan province of Afghanistan as early as the 3rd millennium BC. There are also sources as far as Siberia that show Lapis Lazuli excavation.

At the end of the Middle Ages, many began exporting lapis lazuli to Europe. By grinding it into a powder, lapis lazuli creates ultramarine. Ultramarine is the finest and most expensive of all blue pigments. During the Renaissance and Baroque eras, ultramarine commonly appears in the paintings by some of the most important artists of the time. They incorporate Ultramarine mostly in the clothing of the central figures of their paintings, especially the Virgin Mary,

Lapis is the Latin word for stone and lazuli which is from the name of the stone in Persian. Lazuli is also where the stone was originally found.

The name of the stone is associated with its color. The English word azure, French azur, Italian azzurroSpanish azul, and many more all come from the name and color of lapis lazuli.

• You will receive a lapis polished egg similar to the reference specimens
• Approximately 1.5-3″ at the longest points

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