Real Raccoon Skull 4-5″

Real Raccoon Skull 4-5″


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• Although the North American Raccoon was originally believed to be a solitary creature, it has been proven that it engages in gender-specific social behavior. Unrelated males form loose social groups to maintain their position against foreign males during mating season and to ward off potential invaders. Related females often live in a common area and occasionally meet at feeding and/or resting grounds
• Raccoons have a hyper sensitive sense of touch, with their front paws protected by a thin horny layer that becomes pliable when wet. They are thought to be color blind, but well-adapted to sense green light
• These skulls have been cleaned and partially whitened but may have patches of discoloration. You will receive a real raccoon skull similar to the reference images.
• Please keep in mind that because these are natural specimens, discoloration, slight battle scars, missing teeth, and other minor imperfections are to be expected
• You will receive one raccoon skull similar to the reference specimens
• Approximately 4-5″ in size measured from the longest points

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