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Real Sand Shark Jaws are very impressive indeed!  The Sand Shark gets its name because of its tendency to be attracted to shoreline habitats. They are often seen swimming along the ocean floor in the surf zone and at times even coming very close to the shore. Also known as the sand tiger shark, grey nurse shark, or ragged tooth shark, the Sand Shark is an incredibly adaptive predator found worldwide in temperate and tropical waters in coastal areas of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

The Sand Shark is known for its unique hunting strategy. They collect air in their stomach which makes them buoyant and approach their prey virtually motionless which allows them to attack without being detected. Sand Sharks are mostly inanctive during the day, preferring to hunt at night. They prey usually on small fish, but will also eat crustaceans and squid. Although their dangerous appearance has given them a bad reputation, in reality they are quite peaceful and relatively harmless to humans. While they may retaliate if provoked, the Sand Shark is not known to instigate attacks on humans.

Sand Sharks can grow up to 10 1/2′ long and weigh over 400 pounds!  These preserved jaws are great for as a teaching tool or for display as decoration. They are bleached white and still have very sharp teeth attached.  You will receive a real sand shark jaw similar to the reference specimen.

*Please note that the 14-16″ sand shark jaws is a special order item and will ship in about 10-12 days after the order date.

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Weight 12 oz

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