Real Taxidermy Animal Foot | Cured Deer Hoof 9-12″

Real Taxidermy Animal Foot | Cured Deer Hoof 9-12″


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• Deer had a central role in the ancient art, culture and mythology of the Hittites, the Ancient Egyptians, the Celts, the ancient Greeks, the Asians and several others. Deer was the principal sacrificial animal for the Huichal Indians of Mexico. In medieval Europe, deer appeared in hunting scenes and coats-of-arms. Deer are depicted in many materials by various pre-Hispanic civilizations in the Andes.
• These taxidermy hooves are made from the remnants of taxidermy pieces. Deer feet are used in taxidermy crafts such as deer feet gun racks or wall hooks for jackets and backpacks. They are also often mounted and used as display specimens.
• They are real specimens, so variations in size and color, as well as natural wear, are to be expected. Generally brown in color with hints of black, orange, and cream possible.
• You will receive one deer hoof similar to the reference specimens
• Roughly 9-12″ in size measured at the longest points

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