Real Taxidermy Bat | Hanging Intermediate Roundleaf Bat 3″

Real Taxidermy Bat | Hanging Intermediate Roundleaf Bat 3″


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The Intermediate Roundleaf Bat is a species of bat that is found in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. The intermediate roundleaf bat has dark gray-brown or reddish brown fur with the dorsal fur a uniform cinnamon brown and the ventral fur a lighter gray. It has dark gray/brown ears and noseleaf. The ears are broad and triangular shaped. The noseleaf has three lateral accessory leaflets on each side.

Hipposideros larvatus typically roosts in caves. But they also roost in abandoned mines, rock crevices, mines shafts, pagodas, buildings, and tropical moist forest. It is also found roosting in human habitations. Roosts may contain several hundred bats of both sexes.

Please keep in mind that these are natural specimens, so variations are to be expected. These specimens come with a hanging bar and string for hanging purposes that can be removed. These are real specimens, so they will have a slight odor.  All of our taxidermy specimens are obtained humanely and are not specifically farmed for taxidermy purposes.  Our taxidermied bat specimens are usually ones that died of natural causes or are humanely culled due to overpopulation.

• 1 real taxidermy bat specimen similar to the reference specimen
• Approximately 3″ tall (variance is usually within half and inch in either direction)

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