Real Taxidermy Bat | Hanging Lesser Short-nosed Bat Specimen

Real Taxidermy Bat | Hanging Lesser Short-nosed Bat Specimen


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A real taxidermy bat makes a great teaching tool and also makes a great gift for any lover of curiosities.  These specimens are specifically short-nosed fruit bats, Cynopterus brachyotis, a species of small bat that lives in South and Southeast Asia and Indonesia. It weighs about one ounce and is generally brown to yellowish brown with a brighter collar. Adult males have dark orange collars whereas adult females have yellowish collars. The edges of the ears and the wing bones are usually white. Individuals have two pairs of lower incisors, a fox-like face and large dark eyes.

Short-nosed fruit bats live in a wide variety of habitats, most frequently in tropical forests, gardens, and vegetation on beaches. They prefer aromatic fruit, especially mangoes. The bats feed mainly on small fruits by sucking out the juices and soft pulp. They also eat nectar and pollen.

Please keep in mind that these are natural specimens, so variations are to be expected. These real taxidermy bat specimens come with a hanging bar and string for hanging purposes that can be removed. Because these are dried preserved specimens, they should be handled with care.

• 1 bat specimen similar to the reference specimen
• Approximately 4-5″ tall

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