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Real Taxidermy Beetle | White Scarab Beetle in Lucite 1.75″


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This real taxidermy beetle is a White Scarab Beetle specimen that has been preserved in lucite. These White Scarab beetles are suspended in lucite for easy handling and are great for decor or educational purposes.  The family Scarabaeidae as currently defined consists of over 30,000 species of beetles worldwide. The species in this large family are often called scarabs or scarab beetles. Scarab beetles combined comprise about 10 percent of all known beetles. Scarabs are stout-bodied beetles, measuring between 1.5 and 160 mm. They have distinctive, clubbed antennae composed of plates called lamellae that can be compressed into a ball or fanned out like leaves to sense odours. The front legs of many species are broad and adapted for digging.

Beetles in general are very diverse. They are found in all major habitats, except marine and polar regions. All beetles have a hard exoskeleton, particularly on their fore-wings. Like all armored insects, beetles’ exoskeletons comprise numerous plates called sclerites, some fused, and some separated by thin sutures. This combines armored defenses with maintained flexibility. A 2007 study based on DNA of living beetles and maps of likely beetle evolution indicated beetles may have originated during the Lower Permian, up to 299 million years ago.

These paperweights are a perfect way to explore these fascinating specimens from every angle without worrying about harming the specimen.

• You will receive a Real Taxidermy Beetle encased in lucite similar to the reference specimen
• Approximately 1.75″ overall (different batches my slightly vary in size)


Weight 5 oz