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Real Taxidermy Cave Nectar Bat | Eonycteris spelaea Hanging Skeleton


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The cave nectar bat, Eonycteris spelaea, is a species of small bat that forms compact clusters and cohabits with other bats. It roosts in large groups consisting of thousands of individuals in caves in forested areas. They are often found in disturbed and agricultural areas, although they do occur in primary forest as well. It is a nectar eating bat with a slow flight, and has adapted to using the flowers of many important agricultural and orchard crops.

The upper-part of the Cave nectar bat are grey to dark brown. The underparts are paler and the neck is sometimes yellowish brown. The muzzle of this bat is elongated, and particularly adapted for drinking nectar. These specimens are fragile and should be handled with care.

This bat skeleton is a great teaching tool. It also makes a great fascinating gift. Please keep in mind you will receive a real bat skeleton, and thus variations in size and coloration are to be expected.

• 1 bat skeleton similar to the reference specimens
• Approximately 4-5″


Weight 7 oz