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Shamanic Dream Stone Crystals [Small]


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Shamanic dream stones are polished stones cut from a natural crystal. They can carry a variety of different minerals. The domed lens brings out the beauty of the tiny mineral inclusions within that resemble a tiny galaxy. Shamanic stones are believed to be a portal connecting to the Luminous World. They are thought to be dynamic and effective allies for gazing, meditation and journeying.

Dream stones are used as tools to focus dreaming energy and provide lucidity and control while dreaming. They are sometimes referred to as Lodolite, from the Greek term meaning “muddy stone.” Dream stone crystals are like a portal into another dimension for those who are well grounded. They are mined in Brazil and can also help in meditation and daydreaming. Each Shamanic Dream Stone Crystal for sale is unique in appearance and shape.

• You will receive one shamanic dream stone crystal similar to the reference specimens
• These specimens are approximately 25 grams (about 1″)


Weight 4 oz