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Shining Red Charaxes Butterfly (Charaxes zingha) Specimen


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The underside of the Shining Red Charaxes Butterfly is grey-yellow with a peach-pink area extending from the disc to the dorsum. There are 5-6 rounded black spots. The very colorful hind wing has a whitish or reddish brown ground color with numerous black markings and stains so that it appears almost netted. The upperside ground colour is black. There is a triangular orange-red patch on the forewing.

**Please keep in mind that these specimens are dried and unspread (as shown), meaning the wings are closed. These specimens are useful if you want to use their wings only (for artwork, fairy dolls, jewelry) or simply to study them for science.

In order to spread butterflies for mounting and display, we will include instructions on how to hydrate the butterflies to spread their wings.

• You will receive a specimen similar to that shown
• Each specimen is approximately 1.5″ unspread (3″ spread)


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