Spiny Thorny Zebra Sea Urchin with Spines 6-7″

Spiny Thorny Zebra Sea Urchin with Spines 6-7″


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• As this species is quite rare and lives in deep waters, it is usually only encountered by experienced divers. This sea urchin is found in the Red Sea and the western Indian Ocean and can also be found as far as the Philippines and Australia
• The name “urchin” is an old name for the round spiny hedgehogs that sea urchins resemble. These pink urchins are predominantly cream and brown; may have hints of mauve, maroon, pink, orange, and pale green.
• These are real specimens so variations in color, pattern and size should be expected. These are very fragile and should be handled as little as possible to ensure spines stay intact. Due to the nature of this item, may arrive with a few loose spines
• You will receive one spiny thorny zebra sea urchin similar to the reference specimens
• Roughly 6-7″ long measured at the longest points, and approximately 3-5″ tall

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