Spread Taxidermy Bat | Blyth’s Horseshoe Reddish Brown Bat

Spread Taxidermy Bat | Blyth’s Horseshoe Reddish Brown Bat


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This real spread taxidermy bat is known as Blyth’s Horseshoe Bat and is a reddish brown bat. Blyth’s Horseshoe Bat is also sometimes known as the Glossy Horseshoe Bat and roosts in caves and houses near forest areas. In semi-urban areas it has adapted to roost in man-made tunnels and drain culverts.

This small bat species has two color phases. One reddish-brown, the other grey. In all forms the fur are somewhat glossy, and the underparts are pale. The nose leaf is elaborate and comprises a typically shaped anterior horseshoe structure, a pointed bifurcated stella, and a high, pointed lancet.

Formerly Rhinolophus refulgens (Glossy Horseshoe Bat), was considered a separate species to Rhinolophus lepidus (Blyth’s Horseshoe Bat), the latter ranging from the Indian Subcontinent and Burma to southern China and northern Thailand.  R. refulgens is now relegated to the subspecies R. lepidus refulgens, which has a complimentary geographical range from southern Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore to Sumatra.

You will receive one specimen similar to the reference images. Please keep in mind that these are natural specimens, so variations are to be expected. They are dried taxidermied bat specimens and thus are fragile and should be handled with care.

• 1 bat specimen similar to the reference specimen
• Approximately 7-8″ wingspan

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