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Taxidermy Bat Skeleton | Large Wild Fulvous Fruit Bat 8″


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This taxidermy bat skeleton is of the Large Wild Fulvous Fruit, Rousettus leschenaultii, is also known as the Leschenault’s Rousette Bat. It is a species of fruit bat that is found in a variety of habitats ranging form tropical forests to urban environments and it roosts in caves, old abandoned buildings and tunnels, and other such structures.

A colony of this species can contain up to several thousand individuals. It feeds on fruits, nectar and flowers. These specimens should be handled with care. They are fragile specimens. All taxidermy and preserved life are obtained legally and are ethically sourced.

• You will receive one taxidermy bat skeleton similar to the reference specimen
• Approximately 8″ long and 3″ wide


Weight 9 oz