Taxidermy Butterfly Specimen | Red Lacewing (Cethosia biblis perakana)

Taxidermy Butterfly Specimen | Red Lacewing (Cethosia biblis perakana)


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This Taxidermy Butterfly Specimen is known as the Red Lacewing (Cethosia biblis perakana). The Red Lacewing (Cethosia biblis) is a species of heliconiine butterfly belonging to the Nymphalidae family. In males the dorsal sides of the wings are bright orange-red, framed by a black outline with white spots. The undersides range from bright red to pale brown, interlaced by black and white. This astonishing pattern helps to disguise the shape of the butterfly, while the intense color of the dorsal sides of the wings is a warning to predators that the Red Lacewing has a bad taste, deriving from the poisonous host plants of the caterpillars. The dorsal sides of the wings of the females are grayish-brownish with black spots and white bands and spots on the black margins.

Caterpillars have several reddish, black and white stripes, a black head and long black spikes that contain poison. In fact they mainly feed on poisonous climbing plants.

**Please keep in mind that these specimens are dried and unspread (as shown), meaning the wings are closed. These specimens are useful if you want to use their wings only (for artwork, fairy dolls, jewelry) or simply to study them for science.

In order to spread butterflies for mounting and display, simply search online on how to hydrate the butterflies to spread their wings. Mounted butterflies are often used in insect mosaics which make beautiful and unique pieces of art.

• You will receive a Taxidermy Butterfly Specimen similar to the reference picture
• Each specimen is approximately 1.5″ unspread (3″ spread)

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