Taxidermy Insect Beetle | Red Spotted Lily Weevil (Brachycerus ornatus)

Taxidermy Insect Beetle | Red Spotted Lily Weevil (Brachycerus ornatus)


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This Taxidermy Insect Beetle is the Red Spotted Lily Weevil (Brachycerus ornatus) also known as the Moose-faced Weevil or Hippo Weevil because of its unique appearance.

Beetles are a diverse group of insects found throughout the world. They usually can fly and typically have four wings. Two of the wings are hardened (elytra) and serve as a body cover to protect the flying wings and abdomen. Beetles begin their life as a larvae or grub that goes through a metamorphosis that turns this worm-like creature into an adult with six legs and four wings. There probably are over 500,000 species of beetles in the world, with many still yet to be classified or even discovered.

The United States has relatively few exotic beetles. However, countries like Brazil, Mexico, Ghana, Zaire, Malaysia, and Peru have many beautiful beetles that range in color and shape as well as size.  Beetles are often used in wall art and are mounted to make incredible pieces.  These insect mosaics are very popular and are a unique talking piece for any home.

Unmounted insects must be re-humidified prior to being mounted. There are various sites available online that help with this process. Dried insects are fragile and should be handled with care.

• You will receive a taxidermy insect beetle specimen similar to the reference specimen
• Each specimen is approximately 1.75″ overall

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