Taxidermy Real Bat | Kerivoula Picta Painted Specimen

Taxidermy Real Bat | Kerivoula Picta Painted Specimen


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This Taxidermy Real Bat is called the Painted Bat (Kerivoula Picta) and is known for it’s stunning bright orange or scarlet coloration broken by patterned patches of black. Their wings appear as if they have been hand painted, which is where they derive their name. They use the intricate bright and broken coloration as a form of camouflage for protection.

The Painted Bat is a species of vesper bat found in China, Indonesia, Nepal and Malaysia in arid woodlands. Painted Bats are often found in unlikely roosts such as suspended nests of birds and under the eaves of huts. Painted bats use sonar to catch insects at night and are known to be fairly rare. Their hunting flights usually last one or two hours. They have a nuclear family unit, meaning a mother, father, and their young.

Vesper bats, of the Vespertilionidae family, are often called bent-winged bats. The common name of bent-winged bat refers to the group’s ability to fold back their extra-long third finger when the wings are folded. This finger gives the bats long, narrow wings. Bent-winged bats are typically small, with broad, short muzzles. The cranium is bulbous and taller than the snout, a feature shared with woolly bats and mouse-eared bats. This combination of features was likely present in the common ancestor of the vesper bats. They have two tiny, vestigial premolars between the upper canines and first large premolar. Unlike other bats, they lack a tendon-locking mechanism in their toes.

Please keep in mind that these dried preserved specimens are real and should be handled with care.  Our taxidermied bats have died of natural causes and are not farmed specifically for selling purposes.

• 1 taxidermy real bat similar to the reference specimen
• Approximately 8″ wingspan

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