Tiger Sea Urchin Spines 1-3″ | 10 pieces

Tiger Sea Urchin Spines 1-3″ | 10 pieces


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• Sea urchin spines, long and sharp in some species, protect urchins from predators. Some crabs carry sea urchin spines in their claws. Other creatures also make use of these defenses–crabs, shrimps and other organisms shelter among the spines, and often adopt the coloring of their host
• Tiger urchin spines are often used as wind chimes or in jewelry and other crafts. They all have distinct patterns and color combinations including black, cream, brown, purple, pink, and yellow
• These are natural specimens so variations in color, size and pattern should be expected as well as minor chips and/or imperfections
• You will receive ten presorted tiger sea urchin spines similar to the reference specimens
• Approximately 1-3″ long measured at the longest points

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