Titanium Coated Arrowhead 1-2″

Titanium Coated Arrowhead 1-2″


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• This Gorgeous Titanium Coated Arrowhead is made by the bonding and fusing of gold and titanium onto quartz or chert. It has an iridescent quality. It shines bright green, blue, or even purple depending on how it catches the light
• Arrowheads are materials that have been sharpened into a tip and are often added to an arrow to make it more deadly.  The earliest arrowheads were made of stone and organic materials. In the Stone Age, sharpened bone, stones, flakes and chips of rock were often used
• Please keep in mind that these stones will have slight variations in color and shape
• You will receive one Titanium Coated Arrowhead similar to the reference specimens
• Can range in size from approximately 1-2″ measured at the longest points

Aside from being projectile points, arrowheads are also important archaeological artifacts. Such artifacts can be found all over the world in various locations. Those that have survived are usually made of stone, primarily consisting of chert. Modern arrowheads are incredibly popular, with over one million brand-new spear and arrow points produced per year.

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