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Titanium Smoky Quartz Cluster 3-4″ | 1 piece


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Titanium Smoky Quartz is a vibrant iridescent crystal that shines bright and is definitely a conversation starter. It makes a great display specimen because of its vibrant coloring and shine.

Titanium Aura is believed to help if you are in a dysfunctional relationship. It helps to release negative emotions like resentment and grief from the past. It brings deep insights into relationships at all levels. Smoky Quartz are believed to have a gentle yet intense clearing quality that helps dissolve habitual negative thoughts and feelings which can poison daily life. Titanium Smoky quartz is a grounding stone. It is excellent for elevating moods by overcoming negative emotions. It is also thought to aid in relieving depression. It helps manage stress and fear by transforming them into positive energies.

Please keep in mind that these stones will have variations in color, shape and pattern. We cannot guarantee any specifications as each stone is different.

• You will receive an item similar to the reference specimens.
• Size ranges between 3-4″


Weight 10 oz