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Zelphanta Numberwing (Callicore hystapes) Moth Specimen


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There are about 20 species in the genus Callicore, all of which bear distinctive and graphic patterns on the underside hindwings, often resembling numbers or letters of the alphabet. The uppersides of all species are blackish, marked on the forewings with bright red or orange bands. The hindwings of several species also have red or orange markings but in most species they are plain black, with a very reflective brilliant blue sheen.

**Please keep in mind that these specimens are dried and unspread (as shown), meaning the wings are closed. These specimens are useful if you want to use their wings only (for artwork, fairy dolls, jewelry) or simply to study them for science.

In order to spread these moths for mounting and display, we will include instructions on how to hydrate the moths to spread their wings.

• You will receive a specimen similar to that shown
• Each specimen is approximately .75″ unspread (1.5″ spread)


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